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The Attic's Reviews page is for all the latest music, book, movie, and video/DVD reviews. These reviews are created by the Attic's editor, or submitted by anyone passing through, who would like to contribute to the site.


by Kelly Clarkson

There's just something so appealing about Kelly Clarkson. Having watched her shine on last year's American Idol, ultimately winning the competition and the hearts of viewers everywhere, I anxiously awaited the release of her first CD. I was not disappointed.
There is a variety of music here that can't all be categorized into one little niche. Clarkson explores many different styles and grooves on this debut album, and her voice shines in all of them. From Miss Independent, with its upbeat pop groove, to the funky Thankful, to the more soulful Beautiful Disaster and What's Up Lonely, there's a little something for every taste here.
Debuting on Billboard and certified a Platinum seller only a month later, Thankful has made an impressive showing on the Billboard Top 100 chart. As of July 3, 2003, it is hovering at #12 after 11 weeks on the chart. Not bad for the former waitress with the great voice, the lovely smile,  and the dream of being an American Idol. Worth a listen. Heck, it's worth buying too!



In a lot of ways, this is a total guy movie. There's lots of action and full screen babes on the hunt for bad guys. What guy wouldn't like that? But it's not really just for guys. Speaking as a woman, there's something beyond cool about watching three ladies kick butt full throttle. Girls rule!

In this second installment of the Angel fest, all three angels return to find some stolen encoded rings that contain information about all the people in the witness protection program. Bad guys and crime organizations from all over the country are willing to pay big bucks for this information, and the bad guy who has it turns out to be an ex-angel, played convincingly by Demi Moore. Throw into the mix a new Bosley, played by Bernie Mac, lots of fist fights, explosions, and Matrix-like special effects, and you have a non-stop action adventure with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. Watch for a special appearance by original TV angel Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith), a well-disgused Bruce Willis, the lovable as ever Matt LeBlanc and Luke Wilson, and even the Olsen Twins, and you've got a new reason to like Charlie's Angels.

It's action-packed and fun to watch. Great summer movie fare. My score: 4 1/2 out of 5!



Chick flick? Yeah, but that's always a good thing if it involves Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. These two stars light up the screen in this upbeat romantic comedy about a guy trying to win a bet, and a girl writing an article. They each have ten days: he has to make her fall in love with him, and she has to make him want to dump her!
The onscreen chemistry between Hudson and McConaughey is electric. Some stars just have "it," whatever it might be, and these two have it in spades. You want them to meet, you want them to fall in love, and you want to take the journey with them as they do. There are laughs to spare and even the chance for a happy tear or two by the end of the movie. And as a bonus, for all you chicks out there, there's even a scene with a bare-chested McConaughey! Hello!
Whether you watch this with friends or with your date or whatever, I think you'll enjoy it if you're looking for a great romantic comedy. My score: 4 out 5.