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The Attic Trunk

What can you usually find hidden in an Attic Trunk? Normally, you will find memories, mementos, and bits and pieces of a personal history that represent many facets of one's life. In the Hollywood Fan Attic Trunk you will find similar things. In this case however, they will be things related to my passion for everything that is Hollywood and Entertainment. I will share my memories of favorite movies, TV shows, and, of course, celebrities. And anything else I can think of to share with fellow entertainment lovers. So pry open the lid of this trunk, and let's take a peek into my life as a Hollywood Fanatic.


Icon: An important and enduring symbol; one who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol.

In the world of Hollywood, there are many icons. Some are icons by consequence or as the result of adoration. Some are icons by choice. Some are icons only by delusions of grandeur. Whichever the case may be, Hollywood is full of them.

The icons that are most beloved, however, are the ones that seem almost unaffected by the sparkle of fame that surrounds them. When you see them on talk shows, there is no air of self-importance about them. They don't act like they think they're better than anyone. They act, well, normal. And therein lies their appeal.

True icons, in my opinion, don't know that they're icons. They simply do their jobs, live their lives, and stay true to who they are as people--money, fame, and status aside. They are in the limelight, but they don't seek it, at least not in their personal lives. They appreciate their lives and positions, and they appreciate the fans who helped get them there. They understand the illusion of fame and refuse to get lost in it. They count their blessings. And they also know that their most prized possessions are their families and friends.

The truest Hollywood icons are the ones like Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta. Or like Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. They're a generation of stars who you just know don't wake up in the morning seeking recognition or glory when their feet hit the bedroom floor. They are probably more interested in a hug from their kids, or a call from their mother or their best friend.

As the legends of Old Hollywood continue to pass away, it is stars like Cage, Willis, Travolta, Bullock, and Roberts who will continue in the tradition of icons past. They will light up Hollywood and the silver screen with their special brand of talent and glamour. And they will make legions of us proud to call ourselves fans.


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